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I won't continue my Nuzlocke.


You heard me right. And here's the reason: When I started my Nuzlocke, I was at a point in my life, where I had really nothing else to do. I had graduated from high school, looking for a job, but mostly just stayed home being bored. At that time I found the nuzlocke comics and got interested, dug up my old firered and started playing, drawing everything I did as I went. Later on I started coming up with a deeper story for the silly thing and it started to be more epic. I could invest my time in it, since I had no other projects and could just draw, draw and draw...

Until I started school again. And that's when the updates became more seldom. I couldn't be as devoted, but kept telling myself that I can still draw it, I can still do my nuzlocke, it's gonna be great, yes. But no. Now I'm in a University of Applied Sciences, studying 3D for the 3rd year now. I have 3 different projects at the same time and am having trouble managing those. No, I won't have time for the nuzlocke anymore, it's high time I accepted that myself. And I finally have.


I'm just going to tell you what happens. Yes, Shena died, sorry to leave such a stupid cliffhanger, but she did die. Seiga would've taken her to a crowded PokeCenter during a storm, only to find out it was too late. There she meets a male trainer with an Ivysaur, gotten from Oak. Not sure of his name, but essentially it would've been a version of Red, like the "third trainer" in the game. I didn't have any purpose for him yet, he was just a twist of story at that point, but maybe later on he might've had a bigger role or something.

Later on I replaced her with a Gastly, Agony, who I levelled up as a Haunter and who basically slaughtered the Fucshia gym with the Psychic move I taught her. I also replaced Rao with the Growlithe Scooby, who I levelled up to Arcanine. So in the end I had Molly the Primeape, Gin the Nidoking, Vivi the Vaporeon, Allen the Vileplume, Agony the Haunter and Scooby the Arcanine. Quite a killer team, which I no doubt would've taken to the league, but I didn't even manage that far. Not sure if I even beat the Cinnabar gym yet, it's been so long... I would've also had the Alakazam as a reappearing character and a plot for the legendaries, messing with the powers of nature (storms and stuff). Giovanni, doing what he's doing mostly in the original story, but being connected with the legendaries and Mewtwo. Mewtwo just being a minor little battle in the end, where Seiga almost gets killed, but saved by Ginnai the Alakazam, who knows Mewtwo. I also planned to continue the story of Seiga in Soulsilver, having Red be her past self and that some timewimey mojo happenings... I never managed to write anything up from it, but that's all I can say.


Even writing this now makes me want to go back and draw the comic, but I can't. And this is final. As sappy as it sounds, all good things come to an end, but there's always a start of a new era and that goes for this as well. Since I'm starting up my own webcomic. If you liked my Nuzlocke comic, you might enjoy this one, only this time it's an original story by me called Warden of the Wastes. With help from a friend in writing, we're hoping to start updating regularly by the end of this year to this address:

You should check it out at least, since there's already a little trailer out!


In the end I just want to say thank you. Thank you for being interested in something I made. I only hope you can find similar, if not more joy from my future production.



Artist | Student
A desperate workaholic artist, who drinks far too much caffeine.

my comic blog:… (in Finnish but also translated)

My soon to start webcomic. Check out the trailer!
Warden of the Wastes:

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InnuDoggy Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016
Hyvää syntymäsi päivää! ^^
Scheq Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015  Hobbyist
Heipä hei,

ostin Saattaja-sarjiksesi viikonloppuna sarjisfestareilta. Tarina ja hahmot olivat juuri sellaisia, joista itse pidän ja jota mielestäni sarjakuvateollisuus kaipaisi ehdottomasti lisää. Toisinsanoen, tarina tempasi mukaansa ja hahmot olivat kerrassaan sympaattisia.
Mainittakoon vielä, että lopussa ollut kertomus projektista oli kerrassaan mielenkiintoininen. Ei muuta kuin keep up the good work :)
Seiga Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015  Student

Anteeksi, etten vastannut aiemmin, mutta kiitos sarjakuvani ostamisesta! Ja tosi kiva kuulla, että tykkäsit. Aina mukava kuulla palautetta, joten kiitos kun viitsit tulla sitä antamaan :)
Sarjakuvahan jatkuu hiukan paranneltuna teemaltaan ja hahmoiltaan osoitteessa: Tällä hetkellä siitä vain tosin on tuo traileri ulkona, mutta työstän toisen käsikirjoittajan kanssa sarjakuvaa, jotta se voisi alkaa mahdollisimman pian.

Kiitos vielä!
Scheq Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Hobbyist
Kiitos linkistä! Myöhässä tämäkin vastaus tulee. Pitänee ottaa linkki talteen, ettei ole vain dA kommentin varassa :D
TheAngeldove Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Professional Interface Designer
Gif by Emoxynha:iconsparklesplz::iconhappybirthday1plz::iconhappybirthdayplz2::iconhappybirthdayplz3::iconhappybirthdayplz4::iconsparklesplz:
Seiga Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Student
Aww :3 thank you!
InnuDoggy Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015
Hyvää syntymäsi päivää! ^^
Seiga Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Student
Kiitos kiitos! :)
Happyluckygirl22 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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DamaiMikaz Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for adding Inspiration: Art websites to your collections. I'm happy that you like it :la:
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